Is Being a Mom Really that Hard?



I was reading a blog post the other day about the woes of motherhood. As I was reading, it struck me, I’ve read the same blog post from different moms over and over and over again. It seems like every “mommy blog” these days, starts off with how hard being a mom is, and ends with a small motivational paragraph at the end. But is it really motivational when you just spent the whole article talking about how tough your life is?

When is it time to put a stop to the negative thoughts?

I’m a stay-at-home mom to 3 kids. They are five, three, and three months, so I get it, not every day is a perfect day. But we have the power in our words, to either build us up or break us down. Personally, when I read a blog post about the troubles of being a mom, it makes me reflect and agree that my life is hard too. And it makes sense because the writer just wants to be relatable.

It’s All About Mindset

What if we were to shift our mindset? How powerful could moms become?  We could become successful at raising happy, positive adults. Just imagine if you were constantly filling your mind with positive thoughts or reading positive stories. Your mind is where everything begins, you become what you think about.

FullSizeRender 2

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction states that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, a person brings a positive or negative experience into their life. You see, if we focused our energy on the positive experiences we will constantly breed new, great experiences into our lives. The fit-throwing, disobeying, fighting siblings, or teething baby won’t seem so daunting, because you  know the good outweighs the bad. It would be so freeing, to just let those things happen and not think of how you will write a blog post on it later, just to relive it and bring the negative energy back.

I know this will probably strike a nerve with some people. Its hard to understand that we control our thoughts and actions, and can overcome any circumstance with a little determination.  But once you wrap your head around that, it’s a very powerful tool. You can choose to change your life right now. Choose not to dwell on negative actions, just let them go and be happy. You can choose to be a positive and joyful influence to those around you, especially your kids.

Words of Affirmation

 I challenge all of you to start your day with words of affirmation to yourself, a week of repeating “I am a good mom (wife/person)”, “I am a happy mom (wife/person)”, “I am a patient mom (wife/person)” and you will start becoming those things. Say them out loud to yourself, it may be strange at first and you might not believe yourself. But after repeating it several times a day, you’ll eventually start believing yourself.

Here is a great list I found of words of affirmation to repeat daily.

Being a mom is one of life’s greatest joys, we shouldn’t take that for granted. It goes by in the blink of an eye, so let’s embrace the journey, build each other up and be positive influences to those around us.

27 thoughts on “Is Being a Mom Really that Hard?

  1. Crystal

    I think there is some guilt associated with parenthood that makes people feel like they have to think it is super hard or they aren’t doing ‘good enough’. I think I would have a hard time not laughing at myself if I said I was patient, but my friends all think I am very patient so it is all about perspective!


    1. Fit & Wifey

      Love this! I think you’re right and I never thought about it that way! That’s funny, I’m the same way, people always tell me I’m patient. I don’t feel that patient most of the time! lol


  2. Angela J Kim

    I agree, that’s a great idea! It is all about a positive mindset and words of affirmation. But I believe there’s also value in feeling safe to share honestly the struggles of motherhood so we don’t feel so isolated and alone. Motherhood is a roller coaster of emotions- both happy and not-so-happy ones and I think it’s okay to see it as just that. Thanks for sharing your insight, it’s very apt.


    1. Fit & Wifey

      Oh absolutely. I think it is important to know not everyone has it together. But it has become a social norm to just complain about how hard being a mom is, and outsiders (people who don’t have kids yet) are probably terrified and it shouldn’t be that way. Being a mom is a beautiful thing. But you are absolutely right it is a roller coaster! Thanks for reading and taking time to comment 🙂


  3. the preserves project

    I love this! It is so easy to get caught up in all the hard, yucky things. But then I think about the people who want kids desperately and can’t have them. Or the moms who are working outside the home full time and wishing they were at home. And I tell myself, as exhausting as if can be down times (most times!) that I GET to do this!!!


  4. Juliet @ Bowl of Cherries

    I have actually had days where I got to the point that I did not think I could shoulder the burdens of motherhood and then I had a realization and I told myself that I am awesome and I can do this! It is absolutely amazing because every time I told myself that, my day turned around immediately. I even remember running to my daughter’s room when she woke up from a nap because I was going to make the afternoon together amazing no matter what. Great post ❤︎


  5. Anvita

    Being a mom, some days are good and sometimes it’s overwhelming. So the times I am overwhelmed, I try to change the way i look at things and choose to cherish the good time and happy moments, definitely helps. Soem really awesome words of affirmation there.


  6. Aileen @ Aileen Cooks Blog

    I love your words of affirmation! I’ll admit, I have been a little “woe is me” lately. Some days are better than others. But it’s not my kids – they are wonderful. I’m just so tired (33 weeks pregnant) and have trouble keeping up my energy and pacience for them.


    1. Fit & Wifey

      Being pregnant is such a hard season of highs and lows! But it’s just that, a season. Just remember that, you won’t always be this impatient. Hang in there, mama! Thanks for reading and congrats!!


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